Welcome to Sørveiv Conference!

Conferences should be a catalyst for change and renewal, and an opportunity to raise the level of debate in our industry, but too often revolve around the same topics, debated by the same voices. Sørveiv Conference offers new perspectives in a conference landscape that’s often tired and formulaic.

We gather the the brightest minds from the global music community daytime, to meet, encourage and inform, inviting a younger, more diverse group of delegates to help work through the issues and better arm our industry for the challenges that lie ahead.

We question and engage, encouraging innovative thoughts and full participation from the audience throughout; at Sørveiv Conference, the floor is always open to questions and thoughts as we challenge outdated systems and procedures, reaching for transparency and a more sustainable music industry that’s supportive of our artists, their art, their health and their audiences. A more inclusive, more diverse, more welcoming industry, embracing all, regardless of race, gender or background.

Daniel Nordgård, Francine Gorman, Andy Inglis, Kristiansand 2017