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Conferences should be a catalyst for change and renewal; Sørveiv offers new perspectives in a conference landscape that’s become tired and formulaic. We gather the brightest minds from the global music community, a diverse, gender-balanced and socially representative group of delegates, to work through the issues our industry faces, honestly and transparently.

In 2017 we’ll look at a wide range of topics with two themes in mind; passion, which we all need in order to be a part of this industry, and failure, which we’ve all experienced, but rarely speak of. And so at the start of each day we’ll stand up and announce our passions and failures to the room, and from the first word spoken the audience will be a part of the conversation, with microphones always open to them: their voices won’t be relegated to a question or two at the end of each panel.

The BBC’s Phil Hebblethwaite will address the crisis at the heart of independent music journalism. Who needs a professional critic when music is so accessible? He’ll be joined by New York Times senior staff editor Alex Symonds, Cherie Hu of Forbes/Billboard and former Phonofile boss Erik Brataas to question whether a handful of streaming-platform curators should be our gatekeepers, deciding how much exposure an artist receives. What’s lost when everything a listener hears is all-but guaranteed to appeal?

We’ll listen to independent artists Hanne Kosltø and William Doyle, with Hanne shining a light on what it is to be self-managed and William speaking openly about his struggle with depression and anxiety both at home and on tour, as the industry and audience expects our artists to be constantly ‘on’, churning out content across multiple online platforms day after day. n’s Dr. George Musgrave of University of Westminster/Goldsmiths, University of London will run with this further, presenting findings from the largest academic study into musicians’ mental health ever undertaken – ‘Can Music Make You Sick?’ – while manager and Tour Manager Andy Inglis will tackle the physical, mental and environmental impact of touring, recounting how his recent tour burned through almost 8,000 litres of diesel as the band and crew slowly fell apart.

The live music industry will be represented by analyst Arne Dee of Europe’s independent venue association LiveDMA, as we articulate and debate the challenges faced by clubs and festivals across the continent. He’ll be flanked by NKA, as well as Folken’s Mariann Bjørnelv, Terminal Bysecene’s Synnøve Nesdal Sandnes and Kristiansand promoter Jan Kenneth Transeth. Karma Bertelsen will bring a UK perspective from promotion giant Kilimanjaro Live.

Young managers Rachael Patterson (!K7) and Shekayla Maragh (The Cube) will consider how new platforms, consumption methods and audience and industry expectations have radically changed and greatly expanded the nature and scope of the artist manager’s role.

We’ll hear from independent label super-powers FONO (Chairperson Larry Bringsjord), IMPALA (CEO Kees van Weijen), WIN (Henriette Heimdal) and Michelle Kambasha from the Secretly Group in the U.S. as they focus on the challenges faced by their sector.

Taking a widescreen view, lecturer and venue-owner Ross Allmark (Vice) will question the very place of music in a networked world, where it no longer defines who we are as it did in the mid-to-late 20th Century.

And there will be plenty of space created to express our passion for this frustrating, confusing but always colourful industry, and the beautiful art that drives it. Musicologist and former head of Music at NRK P1 Per Ole Hagen has been photographing artists for decades. He’ll talk about his passion for music and photography, and tell the stories behind his favourite images and memories, ensuring we never lose sight of the reasons why so many of us dedicate our lives to the pursuit, protection and support of art.

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◆ Alexandra Symonds (New York Times)     ◆ Cherie Hu (Forbes/Billboard)      ◆ Daniel Nordgård (University of Agder)
◆ Francine Gorman (Ja Ja Ja Music)     ◆ Rachael Patterson (!K7 Management)      ◆ Hanne Kolstø
◆ Dr George Musgrave (Goldsmiths)     ◆ Jan Kenneth Transeth (Svart Belte Booking)     ◆ Karma Bertelsen (Kilimanjaro Live)
◆ Keith Harris (PPL)     ◆ Michelle Kambasha (Secretly Group)     ◆ William Doyle      ◆ Peter Jenner (Sincere Management)
◆ Phil Hebblethwaite (BBC, Guardian)     ◆ Rachael Patterson (!K7 Management)     ◆ Ross Allmark (VICE)
◆ Shekayla Maragh (Cube)     ◆ Synnøve Sandnes (Terminalen Byscene)     ◆ Tamara Gal-On     ◆ Andy Inglis (5000)
◆ Kees van Weijen (IMPALA)      ◆ Larry Bringsjord (FONO)     ◆ Erik Brataas     ◆ Frithjof Hungnes (Propeller Recordings)
◆ Mariann Bjørnelv (Folken)     ◆ Rhiannon Edwards (MUO)
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