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Sørveiv Music Summit returns to Kristiansand in 2018 with ground-breaking conversations around artist health, the value of music, streaming and digitisation and the environment. 

Music conferences should be a catalyst for change and renewal, and an opportunity to raise the level of discourse in our industry, but too often revolve around the same topics, debated by the same voices.

Sørveiv Music Summit (FKA Sørveiv Conference) offers new perspectives in a tired and formulaic conference landscape. We gather the brightest minds from the global music community to meet, encourage and inform, inviting a younger, more diverse and socially representative group of delegates to work through the issues to better arm our industry for the challenges ahead.

We question and engage, encouraging innovative thoughts and full participation from the audience throughout; at Sørveiv Music Summit, the floor is always open to questions and thoughts as we reach for transparency and a more sustainable music industry that’s supportive of our artists, their art, their health and their audiences. A more inclusive, heterogeneous, more welcoming industry, embracing all, regardless of race, gender or background.

– Daniel Nordgård, Erica Berthelsen, Francine Gorman, Andy Inglis – 2018

The Sørveiv Summit Agenda – 2018…

We need to talk about streaming! For this year’s Sørveiv, we return to some of the most important and pressing issues around digitalisation and streaming; issues that may be getting old, but which remain unsolved and need to be addressed. In particular how the streaming economy is divided and shared among streaming platforms, record labels and artists. It’s been ten years since Spotify launched and controversy remains around streaming’s economics and sustainability, as it generates little money for the majority of artists and musicians. This in the context of an ever-more complex music industry that demands ever-more to be executed by the artists themselves.

In the midst of talk of DIY-culture and musicians as “artrepreneurs”, there’s a growing awareness of the need to focus on the artists’ health. What happens when we increase the workload while income simultaneously decreases? A growing body of research indicates that the health of artists is far worse than those in other professions. And digitalisation doesn’t seem to be helping.

We will talk about the value of music, analysing how digitalisation – as well as social and political issues – impact upon our perception of music and its place in the world, looking past our European/North American bubble to learn from those who truly have to fight to protect and elevate art. Beyond its economic value, how is digitalisation impacting the social and cultural values of music? For better? For worse? Does it matter?

Lastly, we need to talk about our relationship to the environment, about the hidden energy costs of online consumption. Music Tank and the University of Westminster tackled this in 2012, presenting some disturbing data. This was six years ago, and since then more consumption than ever has moved online. Should we care? And while we’re on the subject of caring; it’s time we addressed the wider impact of our industry on our environment and the climate. What steps are we taking to encourage our artists, audiences, our industry-at-large – and indeed ourselves – to consider the role we’re playing in shaping our collective future?


Anthony Semaan – Beirut Jam Sessions
Cecilia Soojeong Yi – Zandari Festa
Dick Huey – Features Artists Coalition
Henrique Fares Leite – Deezer
Jim Griffin – OneHouse
Katja Hermes – Sound Diplomacy
Linnéa Svensson
Peter Jenner – Roundtable Conference
Rhian Jones –  Music Business Worldwide
Shekayla Maragh
Tamara Gal-On – Capitalise On Creativity

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