Sørveiv Summit 2018 – The Schedule

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Join the Sørveiv Music Summit at Teatret in Kristiansand on the 1st and 2nd November 2018, as we take on the music industry’s burning issues. We’ll be diving into publishing, streaming, the environment, mental health and more…

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Welcome to Sørveiv Summit!

Keynote: 12 Years and Counting
The creative community can lead the world on climate change and environmental sustainability. Chiara Badiali from Julie’s Bicycle will tell us where we are, what we need to do, and how we can do it. Read more about Chiara here

Panel: Rip It Up And Start Again? Remaking a Greener Music Industry
Chiara will be joined by Linnéa E Svensson and Tijl Couzij from In The Great Wide Open Festival and Lab Vlieland to debate and discuss issues around sustainability at festivals, venues, and the music industries at large. Read about the speakers here

1135 -1150
Soapbox: Into The Great Wide Open with Lab Vlieland
Tijl Couzij talks us through the innovative ways he and Lab Vlieland (set up by the producers of ITGWO) are reshaping life and environmentally responsible culture on the Dutch archipelago. Read more about Tijl here

1150 – 1205
Break – stretch your legs, get some air, load up on coffee

Soapbox: Blockchain! What is it good for? Absolutely…
Dan Fowler leads Strategy and Research at JAAK, which makes him the perfect person to dispel some of the myths and legends around the oft debated Blockchain. Read more about Dan here

Panel: The Kristiansand Roundtable Conference on Data
The two day Roundtable Conference leads into the Sørveiv Music Summit each year, where industry heads join forces to combat some of the music world’s most pressing subjects. We’ve invited participants of the 2018 Roundtable Conference to share some insights on what was discussed, and to highlight some of the hottest topics debated throughout this year’s conference.

Lunch – fire off a few emails, refill your coffee…

Soapbox: Why Big Will Get Bigger
Ruth Towse has had the role of Professor of Economics of Creative Industries at Bournemouth University since 2007, and over the course of her 15 minute Soapbox session, will present points circling around the economics of digitalisation, and why we should soon expect even bigger things from the industry’s most prominent players. Read more about Ruth here

Panel: “The Endless Stream of Tears” – Dolly Parton
Streaming has become the default format for recorded music. It’s the cause of both economic salvation and strong division, so let’s look into the models behind the streaming economy and discuss potential ways of remodelling for the future industry. Moderator: Daniel Nordgård Speakers: Larry Bringsjord, Kees Van Weijen and Henriette Heimdal.

Soapbox: Networks, Data, Streaming…. Visualising, interpreting and using Spotify’s related artists
Silvia Donker’s using her soapbox to present new ways of using network modelling for developing playlists, and playlist curation. Her work and research looks into what it means to be human in the cross section of digital technology and human culture and practice – so let’s see how that works when we’re talking music. Read more about Silvia here

Break, more coffee.

Soapbox: Streaming and Emerging Markets
Deezer’s Head of Music Industry Relations in Latin America, Henrique Fares Leite, offers up some keen insights into the workings of the Latin American music market, one of the fastest growing and most exciting markets in the world. Read more about Henrique here

Panel: Discovery and streaming – being small in a big, big world
The digital world provides a vast number of opportunities for upcoming and existing artists – but as the online opportunities grows, it can often feel like there are fewer and fewer chances for an artist to be seen and heard. We’ll be discussing curation, discovery and best practices for rising above the rest. Moderator: Francine Gorman Speakers: Silvia Donker, Harald Sommerstad and Henrique Fares Leite

Wrap Up: Thank you, and see you tomorrow!

Social Meeting Point: Norske konsertarrangører invites us to MINT Art Gallery!


Welcome back to Sørveiv Summit

Panel: “We Built This City…”
Culture is the beating heart, backbone and soul of any city. It defines regions and the people that live within them, and often acts as a bridge across political and social boundaries. We’ll be joined by panellists from South Korea, Lebanon and the UK to discuss the place of music in defining a city’s character, and also in crossing political and societal divides. Moderator: Francine Gorman Speakers: Shekayla Maragh

Keynote: Beirut Jam Sessions
The brains behind Beirut Jam Sessions, Anthony Semaan shares his experiences of creating the project, as well as working in and building up the Beirut music scene. Read more about Anthony here

Break – Send that urgent text, grab a coffee for the next bit…

Panel: Clubbed To Death
Together with Norske Konsert Arrangorer, we’re going to perform a vitality check to see how the club scene is doing in Norway – is it thriving? Is it just surviving? We’ll talk about new venues, legendary rooms and stages that have recently hosted their final performances. Moderator: Jon Gotteberg Speakers: Birgitte Mandelid Sandro Stanojevic and Ida Kristine Sole Semb

Soapbox: Speak For Yourself
Want to heat up the debate? Then take this opportunity to stand atop the soapbox, and add your valuable opinion to the discussion.

Lunch – Fill your boots ahead of the final afternoon

Keynote: I Will Not Be Another Casualty
A life in music is what artists and their teams aim to achieve, so join coach Tamara Gal-On as she returns to Sørveiv to share tips on keeping well, being productive and building a long-lasting, sustainable career in the creative industries. Read more about Tamara here

Panel: The Destructive Power of Art: Part 2
Last year we discussed the potential for touring to damage both artists and crew members, and the environment. The problem hasn’t gone away but this year we’re looking for solutions… Moderator:Tone Østerdal Speakers: Jon Olav Sandal Kathrine Wallevik and Tamara Gal-On

Soapbox: Speak For Yourself
Over to you – we’re inviting artists and industry members to take to the box and share their thoughts on what’s been discussed so far.

Break – You’ll probably need another coffee by now…


Soapbox: Publishing in the age of streaming
Publishing is big and complicated, and most people don’t pay enough attention to it. Over to you, Kyle Thiede – tell us what we need to know! Read more about Kyle here

Panel: Bittersweet Symphony: Songwriting & Streaming
Music streaming has been based on record deals and royalty splits. After Spotify were sued by American publishing companies and the Music Modernisation Act was recently passed in the US, it seems like streaming and publishing will be continue to become more and more important in the future, so we’ve gathered experts from the US and European songwriting and publishing fields to tell us more. Moderator:Kristine Karlsen Speakers: Berent Philip Moe Kyle Thiede  and Guy Morrow

Soapbox: The Value of Music – a Different Perspective
It’s not just about the money, music has value of all different kinds. So let’s have a chat about those.

Wrap Up: Any other business? No? Then thank you, and goodnight.

Social Meeting Point
: Ticketmaster invites us to Hotel Caledonien’s skybar, Club 21!