Peter Jenner

Peter Jenner teaches Music Management at the University of Agder and is the host of the annual Kristiansand Roundtable Conferences.

Jenner’s career stretches back to the mid ‘60s when he founded Blackhill Enterprises with Pink Floyd (Syd Barret, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright) and Andrew King.

Beyond managing Pink Floyd, Blackhill Enterprises also organised the first free concerts in Hyde Park, London, including The Rolling Stones in 1969.

Jenner managed Pink Floyd in their early years, but as Pink Floyd and Syd Barret departed, Jenner continued his management career, working with T Rex, Ian Dury, Roy Harper, The Clash, The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Billy Bragg and others. He holds (or has held) a range of prominent domestic and global positions, such as Secretary General of the International Music Managers’ Forum, as well as Director of the UK Music Managers’ Forum.

Furthermore, he has been extensively involved with various copyright initiatives from World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the IPO in the UK, and numerous others.