Ruth Towse

Ruth Towse is Professor of Economics of Creative Industries at Bournemouth University since 2007, where she is Co-Director for Economics at CIPPM (the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management) and CREATe Fellow in Cultural Economics (University of Glasgow). She previously held a number of university positions in the UK, Thailand and at Erasmus University Rotterdam (1999-2008). She specialises in cultural economics and the economics of copyright. She has published widely on both fields in academic journals and books, including A Textbook of Cultural Economics (Cambridge University Press) and has also edited several collections of papers and original contributions.

Ruth was Joint Editor of the Journal of Cultural Economics from 1993-2002, President of the Society for Economic Research in Copyright Issues from 2004-6 and President of the Association for Cultural Economic International (ACEI) from 2006-8. In 2016 she was made Distinguished Fellow of the ACEI.