Earlybird-prices at Hotel Norge

If you book a room at our Hotel partner by October 1st, you will get a very good deal out of it. 

Spectacular kickoff

This year's kickoff location was one of a kind, and created a great framework for what has been an amazing night on Saturday. 

The sixth band release is here!

Five bands from both South and the rest of Norway are in our sixth band release. 

Kick-off on Saturday

Are you one of the lucky ones in the music business who have been invited to the kick-off party of Sørveiv taking place this Saturday? If not - read on!  

The fifth artist release is here!

We are celebrating this weekend by releasing five new artists from Norway, Denmark and Iceland!!!

The fourth artist release is here!

We are insanely happy with the program so far! Check out the five latest Sørveiv bands here! 

Third artist release is here!

We have a very varied range of genres, in our third artist release, from artrock to folk music, from Norway and Sweden.  

Five new artists - from three countries

10 artists have now been announced for Sørveiv 2014. Check out the five freshest on the video below. 

Will you help making Sørveiv?

We still need volunteers that want to help us make the best Sørveiv in history.

Check out the first bands

Here you can check out the first five bands announced for Sørveiv 2014!

The first artists are ready!

Halmstad, Gøteborg, Aalborg, Trondheim and Oslo are the towns represented in this years first artist announcement!

Do you want to play at Sørveiv?

The artist registration form is open!

New website launched

We are executing an online facelift for Sørveiv 2014.

The dates are ready!

Sørveiv 2014 will be held in Kristiansand, Norway on November 7th and 8th.